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A gabber performing hakken

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GenreRave dance

Hakken (sometimes Hakkûh) is a size of rave dance originating from the Dutch hardcore and gabber scene.[1][2] The dance is very similar vĩ đại earlier European folk dance and is thought vĩ đại be a sub size of zapateo with less airborne moves (unlike jumpstyle, for example, which features the "drunken sailor" style of jazz dance and high kicks). Music one is able vĩ đại bởi the dance vĩ đại is also called hakmuziek. The name is derived from the Dutch verb hakken which means chopping, or hacking, or refers the heels of the feet.

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In nước Australia, the dance is mainly referred vĩ đại as gabber (noun) or gabbering (verb), named after the gabber subgenre of hardcore it is performed vĩ đại. Despite the fact that it is called gabber, it is usually performed vĩ đại music of the rawstyle and frenchcore genre by most ravers in nước Australia.[citation needed]

The dance consists of small steps that quickly follow each other vĩ đại the rhythm of the bass drum.[3] The lower body toàn thân (down from the pelvis) is the most important part, though it is not unusual vĩ đại move the arms and torso too. Because one is supposed vĩ đại keep up vĩ đại the beat of the tuy nhiên, the dance is usually done fairly quickly, since the BPM of this music style can easily reach 190 BPM.[4][5]